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After the Wedding: Hear from brides who had a live painter at their wedding

Updated: Apr 24

"10000% WORTH IT!!! I could not recommend it enough. My guests loved watching her paint throughout the night. It is such a special keepsake that we will forever have displayed in our home. Would spend the money again in a heartbeat looking back at it." -Brittany

"Beyond worth it!!! I'm an artist myself so I wanted some creativity there to represent us and the day. And now we get to have this gorgeous painting in our house forever." -Brianna

"It was amazing!!! I cannot say enough wonderful things. Our live painter came around noon and stayed till right after dinner 6:30. She painted all day and guests loved watching her paint during cocktail hour. I picked up our painting yesterday and she did such a good job!!!!" -Mikayla

"We didn't have one because it was out of our budget, but I 100% would've hired one if we'd had the money for it!!! It seems like such a wonderful addition to a wedding. We're hoping to commission a painting of one of our wedding photos at some point so we can still have a painting version!" -Abby

"We are the only art geeks in our families and we had a live painter at our wedding. Everyone loved it. Kids sat in a circle around our painter and were absolutely mesmerized. Adults were constantly chatting with her and taking progress photos, hands-down one of the greatest parts of our wedding and I would recommend it to everyone!!! She showed up a few hours before our ceremony to paint the background and stayed until midnight" -Ashleigh

"We are still waiting to get our back and it was honestly worth every penny! All of our guests have been raving about it and the picture is beautiful! We pick it up in two weeks!! I would 100% spend the money again" -Ali

"I loveeeee mine. So worth it!! I sat my older guests who I knew wouldn't dance by our live painter and they were thrilled. Also everyone kept going up all night to see her progress." -Dri

"It was amazing!! My guests loved watching her paint especially the older ones that weren't really on the dance floor. My final painting came out beautifully and it's a perfect thing to display in my home" -Meaghan

"SO WORTH IT!! Ours was extra special because my middle school art teacher did ours and it was incredible. We don't have a ton of art in our home so I'm so excited to have a piece of art that's so meaningful to us!!" -Grace

"100% worth it!!! I just got married yesterday and I cannot wait to see the final product. We love art and it was a complete surprise for our guests!! I don't see my dad speechless often, but that was a cool moment. We decided that a piece of art from our day was more important than a videographer." -Ashley


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